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Silkworm Moth (Bombyx mori) Classroom Kit, SW33A
Silkworm Moth (Bombyx mori)Classroom Kit, ship ASAP no certificate The silkworm moth is native to China, and has been cultivated for many centuries. Silkworms have specialized salivary glands (silk glands) that produce fluid that is forced out tinny openings (spinnerets) located on the mouth of the silkworm. When the fluid comes in contact with air it hardens into silk which the silkworm uses to spin its cocoon. The female silkworm moth dies after depositing her eggs on mulberry leaves. The larvae hatch in about 10 days. One hundred silkworm eggs can turn into over one pound of worms in less than 30 days. The silkworms continue to feed for 40 days and then start to spin a silken cocoon with one continuous silk fiber that is about 2500 feet long! The adults emerge from the cocoon in two-three weeks. The moths do not eat or fly. They will mate, lay eggs and die within one week. The Classroom Kit includes: 30 rearing containers, 2 ocatgonal hinged pupation observatories, 33 silkworms, larvae forceps, large packet of artificial mulberry diet, and complete instructions

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Product Code: SW33A

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