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The Case Of The Missing Monarchs CD-ROM, MCD102
The Case of the Missing Monarchs CD-ROM Users will inquire into possible hypotheses as to the lack of abundance of monarch butterflies at a fictional site somewhere in the Corn Belt during the 4th of July Butterfly Count. They will verify evidence given by their clients, run simulated experiments in the virtual laboratory, videoconference with experts, review relevant references, go on virtual field trips, and keep notes in their case journal. Students will then report their findings to the virtual client. Features: Recognize questions that can be answered through scientific investigations. Design and conduct scientific experiments. Use appropriate tools and techniques to gather, analyze and interpret data. Develop descriptions, explanations, predictions and models using evidence. Think critically and logically to connect evidence and explanations. Recognize and analyze alternative explanations and predictions. Communicate scientific procedures and explanations. Use mathematics in all aspects of scientific inquiry. Software features: 20 monarch video clips (including film and video footage from the Mexican monarch overwintering site El Rosario), 20 interactive screens, 70 interactive live-action video of scientists, teacher's guide, student science journal. Ages 12-16. CD-ROM Software requirements: Windos 98 or above, Pentium II processor, CD-ROM drive, 64 MB RAM, Internet Explorer 5.5 or above Your Price: $ 24.95 Each

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