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LepidtariumTM - Butterfly and Moth Terrarium / Parasitoid-Proof Cage/Habitat - 4.73 Cu. Ft.(LH38)
Museum Quality Lepidtarium-Butterfly, Moth, Insect, Animal Parasite / Parasitoid Proof Display Cages/Terrarium, 16.5 x 16.5 x 30-inches( 4.73 Cu. Ft.)
  • Easy to assemble lightweight plastic tubular frame
    • Enclosure Fits snugly over easy to assemble/dis-assemble plastic tube frame
      • Tailored 3-panel durable white nylon mesh with 60+ threads per-inch enclosure is designed to meet APHIS specifications for secure parasite proof enclosure.
        • Enclosure design allows for healthy air flow.
          • Twin zippered hinged panel door for easy access to Terrarium.
            • Clear front panel vinyl observation window for unobstructed viewing and photography of insects and animals
              • Enclosure protects your insects, plants and animals from predators, parasites, and parasitoids(ants, tiny tachnid flies, wasp, aphids, and mites)
                • Designed for either vertical or horizontal orientation with top and bottom clear water proof vinyl and fabric panels.
                  • Built in vertical and horizontal vinyl liners for catching frass, holding substrates, and containing spills.
                  • Entire unit can safely be submerged in bleach for complete sanitation
                  • The Lepidtarium will accommodate fluorescent and incandescent fixtures for temperature and lighting control
                  • Can be used to house small animals
                  • Compact units fit in large backpacks; ideal for field work
                  • Highest quality, lowest cost screened butterfly and moth cages on the market
                  • Available in two convenient sizes 4.75 Cu. Ft. and 13.75 Cu. Ft. Important: Before assembling the Lepitariums, we suggest that you first watch the UTUBE Video detailing the proper installation. LH 38 Assembly https://youtu.be/vzDLx8relSA and the LH100 assembly https://youtu.be/vzDLx8relSA. The mesh enclosures were designed to fit snugly over the frames. Before installation of the enclosure over the frame, make sure that the two-way and three-way fittings are seated properly on the tubes by tapping with the palm of your hand. The fabric should be pulled over the frame to assign the zipper tracks before trying to close the zippered door. Excessive force should not be applied to the zipper as it can damage the fabric and zipper. If the zipper does not easily close, then the enclosure is not fitted properly over the frame. Please watch the assembly videos before installation. We are not responsible for damage caused by the improper installation of the Lepidtariums. There is a 30% restocking fee on all returned Lepitariums.

                    Sale Price: $ Each
                    Product Code: LH38

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