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Entomology Lab Deluxe Insect Collecting Kit with Student Net (EL201)
Deluxe Insect collecting kit (with net) for students or beginning collectors. Kit contains all of the basic equipment needed to collect, identify, classify, preserve, and display insects. Kit includes student butterfly net(BSN100), spreading board, insect pins, pinning block, photo-origami mounts, teasing needle, pinning forceps, collecting jar with plaster bottom, ethyl acetate, specimen vials, glassine envelopes, display case 15in x 12in x 3 1/2in with polyethylene foam pinning bottom and plastic lid, folding magnifier, pinning labels, milkweed seeds, and 30 page booklet, How to Collect, Mount, Classify, and Preserve Insects with instructions on butterfly gardening, raising eggs, pupae, and larvae of butterflies, and optional nature-friendly Photogami technique of pinning folded and re-touched photographs of butterflies and other insects.

Sale Price: $ Each
Product Code: EL201

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