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Praying Mantis Egg Case, Certificate, PM1001
Each Praying mantis case hatches over 200 Praying Mantises! Mantises will hatch after 4-6 weeks at 80F. When your Praying Mantid egg case arrives, place it in one of our pop-up cages or the enclosure that came with your kit. Instructions are included in the Praying mantis Discovery kit (Cat No: PM1000) It is important that you have living preying mantis food available when the egg case hatches. Live small silkworm feeder cups are available from Educational Science under the catagory Feeder Insects. Praying Mantis case hatching as seen on UTUBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJoNzO0iNVQ

Sale Price: $ Each
Product Code: PM1001

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