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Darkling Beetle Lifecycle Kit with live mealworms, DB100A
Darkling Beetle Lifecycle Kit includes: Habitats with enclosures, food/bedding, forceps, screen sifter, 35 live larvae (mealworms)redeemable only in the 50 US states, and complete instructions. Darkling beetle larvae are an excellent choice for learning about insect metamorphosis and require very little care. The Darkling Beetle (Tenebrio molitor) is a holometabolic insect which means that it transitions through 4 life stages: egg, larvae (AKA mealworm), pupa, and adult Beetle. The mealworms feed for about 3 months and then transition into the pupae phase. After 7 to 14 days the adult Darkling Beetle emerges from its pupa. After maturity (turn black in color) the adults breed and the female starts producing eggs after about a week. It takes another week for the eggs to hatch into baby mealworms. Beetles will live for 3-5 months and produce several thousand eggs every few weeks.

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Product Code: db100a

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